Within the pages of this book are the stories of 17 brave and victorious women who have come out on the other side of their valley experiences. They have walked through dark places in their lives and are here to present to you a light that shines on the path that led them to freedom. We are strong, we are resilient, we are brave – we are women. Under the direction of the visionary, Crystal Cunningham, these women have chosen at this moment, at this time, to take a stand against prior pain(s) and garner the courage to break free from the thing(s) that had us bound. We have snatched our lives back from the expectations of the world around us and made a bold choice to step into our greatness. This book is created for the everyday woman who is ready to change but doesn’t quite nowhere to start. As you walk through the pages of this book know that you are not alone We walk alongside you as you release the residue that has impacted your life for so many years. By God’s grace, you can and will release the residue so that you can live a bold, brave, and beautiful lifestyle.

No More Residue